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A girl and her car

Just look at that smile. How can I not love her?

“After a few years, you can buy a new car.”

-My dad about once I get a job.

A part of me died inside when I heard my dad’s words earlier this week. How could I replace Doris? She’s family! I may not be a mechanic and may not understand much (make that anything) about how cars work, but that does not mean I don’t love my car.

Doris joined our family in 1999. She was already 7 at the time and was meant for my sister, who was a junior in high school. I was still in middle school, so aside from sitting in her passenger seat or in the back, we didn’t really get to know each other. The whole time Doris — who was still unnamed at this point — was under my sister’s care, she was just another car in our driveway.

But then, I inherited her. Our family was minus one minivan and plus one new Camry and I found myself in the possession of this purplish-silvery car (look at the picture above and let me know if you can think of a more accurate color). I’d never had my own car before this, having shared the aforementioned minivan with my mom while I was in high school. I was a sophomore in college and finally having a car of my own was quite exciting. As it is for most young people, it meant freedom.

Eventually, my friends named her Doris. Although she’s obviously a car, once she had a name, Doris became a person to me. She was a friend I could talk to (yes, I do talk to my car) when my human friends weren’t available — and even when my human friends were in the car with me.

Then came my move to Idaho. My dad transferred the title to my name and I became Doris’s legal owner. Doris and I bonded in Idaho Falls. I took care of her when she was sick and she accompanied me on some of my adventures. And when I had no choice but to get Idaho license plates for her, it was a sad day for the both of us.

Welcome home, baby!

But the two of us survived potato country and we made it back to the Evergreen State in one piece. Since then, Doris and I have mostly stayed local, but we did survive an adventure down to Aberdeen.

Now, as much as she probably hated it, I kept Doris’s Idaho license plates as long as I could since I’d just changed them a few months before moving back to Washington. As an unemployed journalist, I needed to save money where I could. But I’m happy to say that after a year, Doris is now, once again, a resident of Washington State!
I had to get an emissions test and pay almost $90 to make it happen, but it was totally worth it to have my baby be a Washingtonian once again.

One comment on “A girl and her car

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