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The ID welcomes new museum to neighborhood, and it’s a gamer’s paradise

Here is my latest for the Northwest Asian Weekly: Charles Martin has always had a passion for pinball. Now, after a lifetime of enjoying the game, he is sharing his passion with the rest of the Northwest by opening the Seattle Pinball Museum. Located at 508 Maynard Ave. S. in the International District (ID), the […]

Banned Books Week

As I was doing my daily perusal of the Sno-Isle Libraries website (that’s right, I visit the library website on a pretty regular basis…I like to see if/where they have books I want before actually visiting) I saw a link to this blog post. I had no clue such a week existed, but I think […]

Art brings personality to home gardens

Here’s my latest article for City Living Seattle: Although garden art is not new, the concept of using non-organic pieces to make one’s garden aesthetically pleasing has really gained popularity in the last decade or so. Whether they’re using brightly colored pots or installing a fountain, more people are investing time and money to beautify […]

Time for a new look

For the most part, I would say I’m a pretty laid back, low-maintenance kind of girl. I don’t wear makeup; I don’t enjoy shopping; and I am not a picky eater. But there is one thing I’m particularly picky about: my hair. Or more specifically, my haircuts. I have to admit, in the past, it has […]

Hometown pride

Since my move to Idaho Falls, I’ve been very vocal about my love for the Pacific Northwest. So, it’s no surprise I participated in King 5‘s “Best of Western Washington” contest and voted to my heart’s desire. Initially, I just voted for Hot Yoga of Mill Creek for Best Yoga Studio, but then I decided to […]