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Time for a new look

For the most part, I would say I’m a pretty laid back, low-maintenance kind of girl. I don’t wear makeup; I don’t enjoy shopping; and I am not a picky eater. But there is one thing I’m particularly picky about: my hair. Or more specifically, my haircuts.

I have to admit, in the past, it has been very rare for me to like how my hair looks right after I get it cut. I either don’t like the way it’s been styled and want to rush home to wash my hair and do it myself or I just don’t like the cut itself and have to wait for it to grow out to be even remotely satisfied. However, I was very lucky when I arrived in Idaho Falls to find a stylist who I really liked. Jalene of the Root Forest Salon was the master behind this look. And sadly, when I returned home, I had to say goodbye to Jalene and her magical sheers.

When I moved back home, I again found it difficult to find a hair stylist I liked. But, I think I’ve found one in William at Vain in downtown Seattle. He cut my hair the last time and I was quite pleased with his work — and still am.

So, this being said, I feel like it’s time for a new look. For most my life, I’ve had my hair in some version of a bob (basic or inverted), or in short choppy layers (like the look above). I’ve had my hair cut super short (or, boy short as I like to say) once back in the sixth grade, but there wasn’t much style to it.

This is why I think it’s time to try the boy short (or, pixie as it’s generally called) look again.

But before I chop off my locks, I need to figure out what kind of new ‘do I want. I’ve looked at some websites and celebrity photos and I’ve decided I want something like this.

I like the asymmetrical look of this cut because it’s edgy and definitely something I’ve never done. Here’s the cut from a few other angles:

This look is much more extreme than any haircut I’ve ever had, so I’m not sure if I’m ready for such a big change.

Here’s another look I found. It’s still super short, but it’s a little subtler than the first look:

Finally, here’s one last style.

This is the only angle, so we will have to imagine what the rest looks like.

Also, ignore the multi-colored locks and the weird headband that kind of looks like hair:

So, what do you think?

I haven’t booked an appointment yet and still am not sure if I want to cut my hair so short — especially with winter just around the corner. I don’t know if  my neck can handle the cold. However, I guess this would just be a good excuse to use all those scarves I bought while working at the Gap (I knew I bought them for a reason!).

I usually don’t listen to other people when it comes to my hair, but since I’m trying to decide if I want to chop a lot of it off, I figured I’d make an exception and accept suggestions. 🙂


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