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The ID welcomes new museum to neighborhood, and it’s a gamer’s paradise

Here is my latest for the Northwest Asian Weekly:

Charles Martin has always had a passion for pinball.

Now, after a lifetime of enjoying the game, he is sharing his passion with the rest of the Northwest by opening the Seattle Pinball Museum.

Located at 508 Maynard Ave. S. in the International District (ID), the museum’s grand opening was on Sept. 4.

With a collection of pinball machines from different eras, the museum currently boasts about 20 machines — the largest publicly available collection in the state — and four Japanese pachinko machines. The pinball machines are displayed chronologically with the oldest (from 1936) at the front of the museum and the newest (from 1992) at the back. This way, the visitors can see how the game has evolved through history.

“The machines have gotten really sophisticated,” Martin said.

For $5, visitors gain entry into the museum. They receive unlimited game play with all the machines — four of which are from Martin’s personal collection of about 10. Most of the remaining machines have been loaned to the museum by private collectors who, like Martin, want to share their love of the game with others.

To read the rest, click here.


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