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Rejoining the workforce

Yup…you read that right! I have a job!

You are now looking at (or at least reading the words of) the new reporter for the Redmond Reporter! I had my first interview on the 15th with the editor and then went in for a second interview on the 20th with the editor and publisher. They offered me the job at the end of the second interview and I accepted!

I know it’s been almost week since that happened and I didn’t write about it, but I didn’t want to jinx it and suddenly find myself waking up from a dream. So, I wanted to wait till my first day on the job (today) before announcing it to the world (although pretty much most my family and friends know).

So, here it is world:


It’s been an interesting year for me — and yes I do mean year since it was exactly one year and a day from when I left the Post Register to when I got this job offer. Being unemployed (yet still freelancing) was not easy and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who was there for me through it all. It was a frustrating, discouraging and sometimes depressing time for me but you all helped me deal. So thank you.

I love you all.


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