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A not-so-new culinary discovery

The Elephant Walk in Boston is a Cambodian restaurant with a corresponding cookbook. I want that cookbook to make the food I grew up eating.

Although I don’t get a chance to do it as much as when I was living on my own (and had cable and was able to watch the Food Network), it’s no secret I love to cook. While I have no real problem with pasta, sandwiches, (some) meat dishes, and desserts, I haven’t really done much in terms of Asian food besides stir-fry, fried rice, fried noodles and salads.

It’s not that I’m (that) intimidated to try the more complicated dishes. It’s just that it’s hard to make things when you don’t really know the ingredients and many of the dishes you want to make don’t really have written recipes. There is this cookbook, but I haven’t found it anywhere…but then again, I haven’t really been looking to hard. My mom and my friends’ moms just throw everything together, taste testing as the go. As impressive as this is, it doesn’t help when you want to replicate it for yourself!

This being said, a friend of mine introduced me to this blog. With numerous entries, I’m sure I’ll stay busy exploring and eventually attempting these Cambodian recipes. Hopefully, they’ll be as good as my mom’s cooking!


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