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Fantasy and sci-fi, oh my! — NWAW’s July book recommendations

My latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly:

“Tiger’s Quest”
By Colleen Houck
Splinter, 2011

In this second installment of Houck’s “Tiger Saga,” Kelsey Hayes has returned to Oregon after her extraordinary adventures in India.

As she tries to adjust to a normal life free of the dangers of immortal sea monkeys and 300-year-old curses, Kelsey also has to adjust to a life free of Ren, a 300-year-old prince, victim of said curse, and the man she loves.

For how fast and hard she fell for the prince/white tiger, Kelsey deals with her broken heart quite well — enrolling in college, taking up wushu, and dating other guys.

But normality doesn’t last long as not only Ren, but also his brother Kishan — who has also been cursed and takes the form of a black tiger — show up in Oregon. The brothers inform Kelsey that she’s in danger. In the midst of escaping, Ren is captured.

So Kelsey and Kishan must return to India to try to break Lokesh’s curse on the brothers, their best bet in saving Ren.

“Tiger’s Quest” is filled with as much adventure as its predecessor, “Tiger’s Curse.”  Kelsey and Kishan must face a number of challenges, including battling giant birds and bats and getting past an enormous snake that guards the tree of life.

To read more, click here.


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