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SHELF: NWAW’s September must-reads

Here are my latest book recommendations for the Northwest Asian Weekly:

“Hot, Hot Roti for Dadda-ji”
Written by F. Zia, Illustrated by Ken Min
Lee & Low Books, 2011

Whenever Aneel’s grandparents visit, they tell him stories about their lives growing up in an Indian village.

During one particular visit, Aneel’s grandfather, Dadda-ji, tells him that when he was a boy, Dadda-ji had the power of a tiger, thanks to fluffy-puffy hot, hot roti with a bit of tongue-burning mango pickle. After Dadda-ji ate the roti, a type of pan-fried flatbread, he could wrestle water buffaloes, tie cobras into knots, swing three elephants by their tales, and even touch the sky with his bare feet.

Captivated and fascinated by the tale, Aneel wants to know if Dadda-ji still has the power of a tiger inside him. So he sets out to make roti and see. The process that follows brings together not just Aneel and his grandfather, but Aneel and his grandmother, parents, and sister, as they watch him prepare the flatbread and eagerly await the results.

To read more, click here.


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