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Old ways meet new, perserving culture — NWAW’s November must-reads

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly: “How to Be an American Housewife” By Margaret Dilloway Berkley Books, 2010 Growing up, Shoko was very close with her brother Taro. But when she got older and decided to marry an American GI and leave Japan after the end of World War II, Taro […]

Traditional feminist: An oxymoron?

Traditional feminist: An oxymoron?

I recently read a book in which the heroine is quite a militant feminist. She scoffs at the thought of a woman wanting to get married and have a family or any sense of a “traditional” life and thinks she’s fine on her own. And while I agree that a woman doesn’t need a man […]

Nerd on the street

Nerd on the street

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good romance novel. But my first literary love is fantasy: Magic spells, castles, dragons, witches and wizards, curses, long journeys and in the end, good triumphing over evil. I love it all. And while this list can easily describe “Harry Potter,” I will say I loved the genre before […]

Winning…At what cost?

It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game. From P.E. to peewee football to little league baseball, this is what we’re taught when we’re young. In addition to physical skills, some of the biggest things sports and athletics teach us are hard work, perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. Or, […]

A pre-New Year’s resolution

For someone who claims to love writing, I haven’t really shown it in this blog. The last “real” blog I’ve posted that wasn’t a link to my latest book recommendations or some other piece I’ve written as part of my professional life was in August. This is wrong on so many levels, so I am […]