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A pre-New Year’s resolution

For someone who claims to love writing, I haven’t really shown it in this blog. The last “real” blog I’ve posted that wasn’t a link to my latest book recommendations or some other piece I’ve written as part of my professional life was in August.

This is wrong on so many levels, so I am going to try and remedy it.

Since it is only November, I am going to make a pre-New Year’s resolution to put more effort into Sammi Says and blog on a regular basis. I can’t say I’ll be able to update on a daily basis. I know myself and my shortcomings.

So, I am putting it out there that my goal is to post at least twice a week.

Now, these posts may not always be thoughtful, meaningful, clever or even worthwhile, but I think this will be really good for me. As I’ve said it before, I have a love/hate triangle when it comes to me, writing and The Narrator. And since I have been horribly lax and lazy on my end of the bargain, the other two have not been too happy.

Writing has always been my way of expressing myself and as I have sort of been in a rut (which I’ll probably write about at a later date), putting my thoughts down on (digital) paper will help me deal with whatever issues I have (though not many besides aforementioned rut).

With how infrequently I’ve been posting, I know I probably don’t have many readers out in the blogosphere, but honestly, I’m not doing it to bring traffic to my blog or to acquire comments — clearly the last year or so is proof of that. I’m doing this for therapeutic reasons for my personal well-being.

But for whatever readers I may have out there, welcome to Sammi’s Journaling Journey! I’d like to apologize in advance for any tedious lists (which I have done in the past to fill space) I may come up with as well as  any random, nonsensical blogs I may post. And if you have any ideas about what I should write about, I’m always open to suggestion so let me know!


One comment on “A pre-New Year’s resolution

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