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Ode to a vehicular friend

Goodbye Doris...I'll always remember you.

You came to us in ’99
But you were my sister’s, before you were mine
With your unique silver-purple paint
The best description to use is “quaint”

We got together in about 20007
And it was just a match made in heaven
We traveled to and from Idaho, and lived to tell the tale
Survived all the rain, the snow, the wind and the hail
We made it back to the Evergreen State
With two more years together, granted by fate

You have cigarette burns and a torn-up seat
But that’s just character that can’t be beat
Others scoff that your driver-side window’s broken
But I think it adds another idiosyncrasy token
I’ll admit you’re not perfect; none of us are
But you were there for me and together, we went far

Now the time has come for us to go our separate ways
But I will never forget all of our shared days
I hate that it’s time for us to have to part
But Doris, my friend, you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


One comment on “Ode to a vehicular friend

  1. […] a 401(k) plan); I’ve paid off my student loans (YAY!); I’ve bought a new car (miss you Doris!); and I even moved out at one […]

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