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Seattle’s winter wonderland, 2012

Our front yard at night. Since there have been no kids at our house, the snow has remained quite untouched.

With a snow storm closing down the greater Puget Sound region all week, I’ve decided to feature all my snow-related posts on my blog. Click through the slider to read more!

It’s no secret that the Pacific Northwest pretty much comes to a standstill when it snows and this week’s storm is no different. All week, schools all over the Puget Sound have canceled class; businesses have closed early so workers can make it home at a safe hour — or never opened at all; garbage has not been collected as the trucks did not attempt to brave the icy roads; and as always, all local news stations report on the weather almost 24/7, emphasizing how we should stay home if we can.

And living through this week’s storm has reminded me of British talk show host Jonathan Ross interviewing British comedian Michael McIntyre on the subject:

We survived the winter storm of 2008 (barely) and have learned a lot of lesson, so I’d like to say that the Seattle area has definitely improved on its response to snow. The governor has even declared a state of emergency as a precaution.

All's quiet as everyone pretty much stays home when it snows.

While it was a few weeks late for a white Christmas, I have to say it’s always quite the event when the white stuff falls.

Oliver is in the garage, so the other two cars need to stay outside in the cold...I felt bad for them.!

And while I would have loved to stay home all week (I did stay in and worked from home on Wednesday), I had to go in to work today since we were on deadline. It was quite the adventure driving in the snow. I think this was the first time I’d driven in conditions where the highways and interstates were completely blanketed. A little nerve wracking, but I made it to and from work unscathed.


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