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Help support my sister in the Boston Marathon and the Ron Burton Training Village!

While I like to stay active with my hot yogaZumba and “running” on the elliptical, the one type of exercise I am really not a fan of is normal running. On the ground, pavement, treadmill, you name it, I hate it and I’ve always hated it — even (or maybe especially) when I was a gymnast.

So I am extremely proud and impressed to say my big sister will be participating in this year’s Boston Marathon, come April 16!

Last year, my sister was a volunteer for the Boston Marathon. This year, she's a participant! Help support her and her cause by making a donation!

She’s done triathlons and half marathons for several years now and has watched and volunteered for the Big Race in the last few years while she’s been living in the greater Boston area. So the natural progression would be to participate.

Now, as great as this may be, my sister is also raising money for the Ron Burton Training Village (RBTV), a nonprofit organization in Massachusetts that works with young people from low-income communities to help them build racial harmony, leadership, self-determination, respect and love for others through a program of spiritual, educational and physical fitness training in a wholesome, caring environment.

My sister’s goal is to raise $1,500 for RBTV.

I may be here on the West Coast, but I love kids and any organizations or programs that help kids get ahead in life — especially those who may not have much of a chance in the first place. And from what I’ve learned about this nonprofit, RBTV definitely deserves the support.

Show your support for my sister and RBTV by clicking here and making a donation. Help her reach her goal!

Thank you!


One comment on “Help support my sister in the Boston Marathon and the Ron Burton Training Village!

  1. That’s awesome. You should be proud of your sister. I will post this on my facebook to help get some more views for you.

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