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Anything can happen in the blink of an eye…

…and it can cost you a crap-ton of money.

Exhibit A:

We met the Weasley twins at Emerald City Comicon! From left: James Phelps, Wynn Wynn, me and Oliver Phelps.

Yup. That’s me and Wynn with James and Oliver Phelps, otherwise known as Fred and George Weasley. And yes. I’m blinking. And yes. Oh yes. I paid good money for this photo.

But funnily enough, I’m not that upset about it. As you can see, I look pretty happy, just soaking in the moment. It’s not every day you get to meet a couple of actors from your favorite book and film series, so I was just thrilled to even have the opportunity.

There was a panel as well and I even got to ask a question:

We met the twins at this year’s Emerald City Comicon. They were the only reason I even went but as I had never been before, the whole day in it of itself was quite the experience.

I’ve never been into comics or graphic novels, but I enjoyed walking around Comicon and checking out the different booths. While this isn’t my particular type of entertainment of choice, I have a newfound respect for those in the industry. That’s not to say I didn’t respect them before. As a writer, I am always impressed by anyone with artistic ability — be it visual, performing, musical or what have you. But seeing the results of these artists’ work in person is just a whole other thing. I have to admit, I was quite envious of their talents.

Another thing about Comicon is that it has a reputation of being a “nerd haven” as a lot of people go in costume. And this year was no different. Obviously, I had no clue who a lot of the characters were, but I was mightily impressed with the time and effort people put in their outfits.

I love seeing people enjoying the things they’re passionate about and Comicon had them in droves. They clearly knew who and what they loved and weren’t afraid to show it. You’ve got to admire that.

These people were just living in the moment and enjoying the now because they realize you could blink and it could all be gone. 😉


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