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Right and wrong sounds

I will be the first to admit I’m not perfect: I have no game; I tend to hold on to relationships (romantic and platonic) longer than I probably should; I’m not always the nicest person and I can be a bit of a snob at times. With the latter, I have stuck my nose up at various things. But I would have to say that the worst type of snobbery I am guilty of is music snobbery:

I’m (not so) sorry to say — to the disappointment of my favorite comedian, Dara O’Briain — I am quite the music snob. It’s been said about me that I stopped listening to music beyond high school and I don’t listen to music unless it’s at least 20 years old.

Not entirely true, but not entirely off the mark.

It’s true that I’m not a big fan of current pop music and it’s not an exaggeration to say I have a passionate dislike for hip-hop these days despite my preference for the genre above all others.

This isn’t all because I like to be “anti” and not like things that are “in” or popular . Although, I’ll admit there’s a bit of that.  Mostly it’s because I just don’t enjoy the music itself, or as O’Briain would say, “those sounds.” A lot of it tends to sound the same to me after awhile and any songs I do end up liking, they get played on the radio so much that I get tired of them quickly.

And when it comes to modern-day mainstream hip-hop, a lot of rappers tend to sound the same with their nasally voices. I’m not going to say anything about song subjects, though the feminist in me feels I should. But I’m a big fan of Eminem, who is known to be offensive toward various demographics, so I’ll admit to a bit of hypocrisy in this case.

This being said, I will say I do love myself some Taylor Swift. I’m not a fan of country music at all, but her songs have more of a pop appeal — which still goes against the grain of my aforementioned dislike of current pop music. But Swift has also delved into other genres such as rock and rap, which makes her all the more likable to me.

I’ve also found myself singing along to Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Now for anyone who really knows me this is extremely surprising because this is practically the epitome of the type of music I dislike. But for some reason I can’t explain, I love it. I enjoy it even more now that I’ve seen the music video:

You’ve got to admit that Jepsen’s got quite the sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at herself, which I love since most young artists nowadays can take themselves to seriously. Also, the surprise ending is epic.


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