Rap and grammar…what more can a girl ask for?

As a writer, I’ve made it no secret that bad grammar is a major pet peeve of mine and have no qualms about correcting people on their mistakes.

I feel I covered some pretty good points the first time around, but there is still one common error that just irks me:

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve wanted to yell at people for using the incorrect spelling…especially  when people are commenting on stories, photos, videos, etc. and are acting like they’re superior to the writer, story topic, photographer, etc. I just want to tell them that, in my opinion, using incorrect spelling just voids any point they’re trying to make.

If you’re trying to show you’re intelligent, you better make sure your word choice is correct.

Confused about when to use which word?

This video explains it quite nicely.


2 comments on “Rap and grammar…what more can a girl ask for?

  1. I really think most people know the difference and could figure out which to use, but they just don’t bother to proof what they’ve written.

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