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Love, it’s complicated

Here are my latest book recommendations for the Northwest Asian Weekly:

Tiger’s Destiny
By Colleen Houck
Splinter, 2012

It’s three quests down and one to go for Kelsey Hayes, Ren, and Kishan, as they continue to work to break the curse that forces the two brothers to live part of their days as tigers.

In the last three books in Houck’s Tiger Saga series, we have seen the trio battle deadly sea monkeys, a giant snake, a monstrous shark, and more. The final installment is no different. “Destiny” is filled with mythical creatures, evil beings, and even has a little bit of time travel thrown in as well.

As Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan work to break the curse, they also have to figure out a way to defeat Lokesh, the evil sorcerer who cursed the brothers in the first place three centuries ago. And if that weren’t enough, Kelsey also has to sort out how she feels about Ren and Kishan and finally make a choice between the two once and for all.

Even though Kelsey’s true feelings are obvious to the reader, and we know whom she’ll end up with, she is still torn. This admittedly drove me a bit crazy, but I do understand the reasons behind some of her choices. She’s been burned and hurt before and opts for the “safer” of the two brothers in order to protect herself.

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