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Stories of spirituality

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly:

In the Shadow of the Buddha, One Man’s Journey of Discovery in Tibet
By Matteo Pistono
Plume, 2012

When Matteo Pistono first traveled to Tibet, he went as a Buddhist pilgrim. But after living among Tibetans and hearing their stories, he spent nearly 10 years smuggling out photos of prisons, secret government documents, and firsthand interviews from individuals who were tortured and had suffered other atrocities at the hands of the Chinese government — all because they refused to denounce the exiled Dalai Lama.

“Shadow of the Buddha” is the story of a man from Wyoming who merges his initial journey toward spiritual enlightenment with political activism in a fight for human rights. During his journey, Pistono begins to study under a venerated meditation master in Tibet. Shortly after, Pistono begins couriering messages between his teacher and the Dalai Lama in India.

Throughout his travels, Pistono was always aware of the danger he was in for smuggling sensitive information in and out of Tibet. Although he did worry for his own safety, he was often more concerned about the individuals who would be implicated and faced severe punishments for wanting to share their truths.

To read the rest of the article, click here.


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