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Young people against the world — Book Recommendations

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly:

Angel de la Luna and the 5th Glorious Mystery
By M. Evelina Galang
Coffee House Press, 2013

Angel de la Luna’s life begins to fall apart the day her father disappears. As a man who drove tourists and travelers throughout Manila, it was not unusual for him to be gone a few days at a time. But he always came back — except this once.

When Angel and her family learn for sure that he has died, the young girl quickly realizes he is not the only one she may lose. Angel’s mother is overcome with so much grief she might as well be gone too. But someone has to look after Angel’s younger sister and their grandmother. The job falls upon Angel’s shoulders.

“Angel” is the story of a young girl coming of age as she learns the meaning of family, survival and sacrifice. Her tale takes her to Chicago, where she reluctantly joins her mother and new stepfather and learns to make new friends among her American classmates.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

One comment on “Young people against the world — Book Recommendations

  1. would this be recomended to all age groups?

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