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When love doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly:

The Ballad of a Small Player
By Lawrence Osborne
Hogarth, 2014

Meet Doyle — or Lord Doyle, as he comes to be known among the casinos of Macau. Doyle’s not quite the English lord people believe he is. He’s actually a corrupt lawyer who embezzled millions from a wealthy elderly client and fled England once his deception was discovered.

Since his arrival in Macau, Doyle has spent his nights gambling. He spends his days sleeping off the previous night. He doesn’t care whether he wins or loses, since it’s not even his money to begin with, so why should it matter?

But one day, Doyle hits rock bottom and is unable to settle a tab. Coming to his rescue is Dao-Ming, a Chinese prostitute he had spent a night with previously. With Dao-Ming, he feels he forms a connection, something he has not done since his arrival in Macau. For a brief period, she saves him from himself and his gambling addiction. But when he wakes up one morning to find her gone, he returns to the casinos. And while his obsession with gambling is overpowering, Doyle also finds himself wondering what had happened to Dao-Ming.

To read the rest of the article, click here.


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