Love lessons learned

Love lessons learned

About a week and a half ago: My editor: “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?” Me (warily, thinking I’ve got to cover some sort of V-Day event): “Why?” Editor: “No big date?” Me (snorting): “No.” Editor:  “Okay, well I may need you to cover the City Council meeting.: Me (relieved): “Oh, okay.” Now, obviously […]

Is heartbreak a two-way street?

Dating is not easy. Relationships can become complicated. And break ups can get messy. I know this both from firsthand experience as well as secondhand experience through my sister and friends. Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been single for quite awhile (nearly four years), so I can’t say my point of view on love […]

Speed dating: A social experiment

So. What does it say about a girl when she’s in a room filled with guys who are mostly Microsoft employees, doctors and engineers (throw in a few lawyers and you’ve got every Asian mother’s dream for a son-in-law) and all she can say is, “Meh”? This was the exact situation I found myself in […]

I’ve got one week…

…to complete the following list. One month after I turned 23, I set 10 goals for myself for the year. Let’s see how I’ve done: Finish writing that post I’ve been mentioning for months. Never happened…not even close. Finish at least one piece of fiction I’m currently working on. Worked on them more, but didn’t finish. […]

If your BFF is a jerk, don’t hit on him

I’ve recently borrowed the first season DVDs of “That 70’s Show” from a friend. Here’s just one of the reason I love it so much: Eric: …I’ve been friends with Hyde for years. I never put the moves on him! Buddy: Yeah, well I don’t blame you. That guy’s a jerk. Eric: Ye — well, yeah. […]

Male order for the universe

I have recently read a book in which the heroine “orders” her ideal man from the universe. Half an hour later, lo and behold, she meets him! I thought I’d follow suit, put in my own order and see if it works for me. I mean, it can’t hurt since I haven’t had any kind […]

Am I anywhere near the front of the dating line?

I’ve been single for three years now. I have no problem with this for the most part, but there are times when being unattached does have a downside. In these three years, I’ve seen friends break up with their significant others, get back together or find new significant others. And while I commiserate during the break […]