Idaho Falls

I’ve got one week…

…to complete the following list. One month after I turned 23, I set 10 goals for myself for the year. Let’s see how I’ve done: Finish writing that post I’ve been mentioning for months. Never happened…not even close. Finish at least one piece of fiction I’m currently working on. Worked on them more, but didn’t finish. […]

Returning to the nest

After an interesting October in Idaho Falls, I’m happy to say that I’ll be starting November back in the greater Seattle area! While I’d left the nest for a year, I will be returning and moving back in with the parentals. I know it sounds kind of like a step backwards, but that’s alright. I’ll […]

A bittersweet anniversary

So, I’ve been in Idaho Falls for exactly one year (okay…one year and one day, but close enough). And after this one year, I will actually be leaving IF. Now, my last two posts (which can be read here and here) weren’t exactly what you’d call cheerful. So you can safely assume I’m not leaving for […]

I’ll take home runs over touchdowns any day

Last night, I went to the Skyline High School–Idaho Falls High School football game, otherwise known as the Emotion Bowl (yes, there’s a website for this rivalry). This was literally my first football game in six years. The last game I’d been to was the homecoming game of my senior year in high school (we […]

Doris’s last days as a Washingtonian

A bit melodramatic, but whatever. We all get worked up over something. For me, Doris is one of them. Her tabs expire at the end of the month, so I’ve had to get Idaho plates for her. I haven’t switched them yet and don’t plan to until the very last minute. I like to think […]

Table for one

As I made my way in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course, I’d heard of the Snake Bite. But only by name. Prior to this, I had no clue what kind of food they served, no idea what the price range was, no inkling whether the food was even good. Before entering the […]

My usual pre-Seattle post

Well, I’m going back home tomorrow and I cannot wait! I’ve been in a weird rut here in Idaho Falls and I think this trip will do me good. I’ll be home for a week and so I’ll try to update as much as possible. So, stay tuned!