Bin Laden’s dead, thank you all!

Tonight, The White House and President Barack Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. I’m not going to go into the details — those are available all over the Internet. What I will say is even though he was killed halfway around the world and the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attacks he was responsible for are […]

Ryu bounces back by running for state rep

My latest story for Northwest Asian Weekly was just published. Here’s a taste: On the surface, Cindy Ryu is like most people. She cares for her family. She gets up early to take her 15-year-old son to school and calls to check in with her two daughters who live in other states. She spends time […]

The best things Sammi said in 2008 (according to her)

Another year is coming to a close and that calls for a moment of reflection and introspection. So, in true journalist form, I’ve done a little backtracking and have looked back on what I’ve written since I started this blog back in April. In a moment (or two…or three) of self horn-tooting, I’ve picked out […]

President Barack Obama: This one’s for the history books

I was going to write a post about my road trip with my sister from Seattle to Idaho Falls and post pictures, but there isn’t much to say about that other than it was long and not that interesting. I’ve got pictures on my Facebook, so you can check it out there. They pretty much […]

Where’s a Schoolhouse Rock video when you need one?

With the economy in crisis–especially after the 777 point crash in the stock market on Monday–many Americans are probably wondering what the hell is going to be done about it. Well, there’s a bailout plan floating around–in both the House of Representatives and Senate–that will well, bail us out of this. The plan was presented to […]

A list of lists (part 2)

No small talk. Just a continuation of my last post of lists. My five “hot celebrity guys”: Shane West – Not only is he good looking (at least, I like to think so…y’all can disagree if you want), he’s a pretty talented actor. With credits to his name such as “Once and Again,” “ER,” “A Walk to Remember” […]

Damon Condemns Palin

Actor Matt Damon makes some very good points about the consequences of having Alaska governor Sarah Palin as president if the possibility of John McCain “doesn’t survive his first term” (apparently, it’s very possible…a one in three chance) becomes a reality. I’m with Damon in that I don’t know much about Palin. However, based on the […]