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On-the-job inspiration

Note: I wrote this post on Tuesday, but my Internet went down for awhile and so I had to post it after midnight–technically Wednesday. So, today I wrote a story about local schools and how they did or didn’t show President Obama’s speech to students. I went into a classroom when they were watching the […]

President Barack Obama: This one’s for the history books

I was going to write a post about my road trip with my sister from Seattle to Idaho Falls and post pictures, but there isn’t much to say about that other than it was long and not that interesting. I’ve got pictures on my Facebook, so you can check it out there. They pretty much […]

Clinton ends historic bid, endorses Obama

After a long campaign–one that many thought should have been over long ago (me not being one of them)–Hillary Clinton’s journey towards becoming President of the United States has ended. Instead she has chosen to back Barack Obama. According to the Associated Press, “Hillary Rodham Clinton has ended her historic quest for the presidency and […]

Clinton Claims Victory in Puerto Rico Primary Race

With many thinking and assuming that it’s all over for her where the race for the White House is concerned, Hillary Clinton is showing us that she is able to bounce back–especially after comments she made concerning Robert Kennedy’s assassination, which can be seen here. According to Adam Nagourney of the New York Times, “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton won […]