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Weighing in: My response to Jennifer Livingston

Like many people, every now and then, I’ll see or read something I find interesting and will post it on my Facebook page. Sometimes I’ll post the article, video, etc., straight with no commentary. Other times, I’ll add a comment about how amusing or interesting I found it — usually no more than a sentence or […]

Becoming happy with myself

My last post about Barbie, female beauty and body image got me thinking about how I feel about myself on the subject. I’m not going to go into the whole beauty part because I don’t think I could do so without sounding vain and self-centered or like I’m fishing for a compliment. When it comes to […]

Barbie and female beauty

As the education reporter for the Post Register, I receive a lot of emails from local schools. I also receive emails from the University of Idaho. Usually these emails are press releases about events going on at the schools or research being done. So imagine my surprise when I received a release about Barbie. I […]