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Nerd on the street

Nerd on the street

As I’ve mentioned before, I love a good romance novel. But my first literary love is fantasy: Magic spells, castles, dragons, witches and wizards, curses, long journeys and in the end, good triumphing over evil. I love it all. And while this list can easily describe “Harry Potter,” I will say I loved the genre before […]

NWAW’s December must-reads

Here’s my latest for Northwest Asian Weekly: NWAW’s December must-reads “Buddha’s Orphans” By Samrat Upadhyay Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010 “Buddha’s Orphans” is a love story between Raja, an orphan boy whose mother drowned herself when he was a baby, and Nilu, a girl born into privilege. Although he was deserted at a young age, Raja […]

NWAW’s must reads: Page-turners about an overachiever, a Washington apple, and a North Korean spy

Here are my latest book recommendations for the Northwest Asian Weekly. I somehow missed them on my last search. Happy reading! NWAW’s must reads: Page-turners about an overachiever, a Washington apple, and a North Korean spy “Good Enough” By Paula Yoo HarperTeen, 2008 Meet Patti Yoon. She’s a Korean American, a high school senior, a […]

Banned Books Week

As I was doing my daily perusal of the Sno-Isle Libraries website (that’s right, I visit the library website on a pretty regular basis…I like to see if/where they have books I want before actually visiting) I saw a link to this blog post. I had no clue such a week existed, but I think […]

Close calls and active imaginations

As I walked out of the Barnes and Noble, I slid my sunglasses over my eyes. I heard voices behind me. I turned and saw three young men walking out as well. Courteous person that I am, I held the door open for them. But when I saw them lingering and looking at the displays […]


Tick…tock…tick…tock… That’s all I can hear, echoing inside my head. because the screen is no longer blank. A gong to the temple I call my brain, with nothing to drown it out. Moore, Rowling and Jones surround me— their spines stiff and lined up like young troops. A blanket of dust collected from neglect slowly […]

Enjoy this while it lasts people…

…because this is probably the last time my hair will look like this until I get it cut again. I’ve just had one of those weeks so please excuse my moment of vanity. My hair was getting to that I-can’t-stand-it stage where I just want to chop it off and be done with it. And […]