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Ode to a vehicular friend

Ode to a vehicular friend

You came to us in ’99 But you were my sister’s, before you were mine With your unique silver-purple paint The best description to use is “quaint” We got together in about 20007 And it was just a match made in heaven We traveled to and from Idaho, and lived to tell the tale Survived […]

A girl and her car

“After a few years, you can buy a new car.” -My dad about once I get a job. A part of me died inside when I heard my dad’s words earlier this week. How could I replace Doris? She’s family! I may not be a mechanic and may not understand much (make that anything) about how […]

Doris’s last days as a Washingtonian

A bit melodramatic, but whatever. We all get worked up over something. For me, Doris is one of them. Her tabs expire at the end of the month, so I’ve had to get Idaho plates for her. I haven’t switched them yet and don’t plan to until the very last minute. I like to think […]

Close calls and active imaginations

As I walked out of the Barnes and Noble, I slid my sunglasses over my eyes. I heard voices behind me. I turned and saw three young men walking out as well. Courteous person that I am, I held the door open for them. But when I saw them lingering and looking at the displays […]

Enjoy this while it lasts people…

…because this is probably the last time my hair will look like this until I get it cut again. I’ve just had one of those weeks so please excuse my moment of vanity. My hair was getting to that I-can’t-stand-it stage where I just want to chop it off and be done with it. And […]

Doris takes a couple of sick days

For those who don’t know who Doris is yet, she’s my car (yes, my car has a name…and yes, it is Doris). Sadly, she’ll be out of commission for a few days. I was driving back to my apartment yesterday and the battery light came on and the lights on the dashboard were dimmer than […]