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Legal matters

This week’s readings were focused around the legalities behind blogging and citizen journalism. I’m very glad that Dispatches from Blogistan covered this topic. I thought that it was only logical for Stefanac to add a chapter in her book about copyright, libel and the like. It seemed the responsible thing for her to do since her […]

The time of reckoning has come: Deal with it!

So this week’s reading was in Dispatches from Blogistan and was entitled “Blogs as Soapboxes.” As I read it, I wasn’t really surprised to find out that the majority of bloggers are still “writing about ‘my life.’” At least, as of July of 2006. There’s this saying you hear a lot in the writing industry, […]

Well…that was uplifting…

Okay, to be honest, I didn’t really like this week’s readings. They were depressing for me to read. The topic was citizen journalism and how it’s becoming more and more popular and how traditional journalism is steadily declining. Now, that will really make somebody who’s going to school for a degree in journalism feel even […]