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An epic ending to an epic series

It’s finally here! Let the countdown begin! Advertisements


This is going to be effin’ epic, baby! Ahh!!!! I can’t wait!

Why going to the movies with friends is fun

Wynn: Ew! Does he eat that fly? Me: We’ll have to watch to find out.

Rest in Peace, Your Majesty

Today, the music industry and the whole world over lost a great icon. I can go on about the late Michael Jackson’s career and his contributions to music and pop culture in general, but frankly, I’ve got to admit I’m not exactly an MJ buff. Plus, there are tons of people out there who would […]

Inside a writer’s mind

At the end of every edition of “Inside the Actors Studio,” James Lipton asks his guests a set of questions he borrowed from Bernard Pivot, a French TV personality. Here’s how I would answer them: What is your favorite word? Expunge  – The definition (to obliterate/destroy/eliminate) really means nothing to me. But I just love […]

Turning the table: Interviewer becomes interviewee

As a journalist, I’m always the one who asks the questions. So when Wynn tossed out the invitation to be interviewed, I jumped at the chance. Here’s what she asked me: Who would you cast to play yourself in a biographical movie? Think back to your fondest memory. Why is this memory special to you? […]

Fictional love is still love

TomKat. Bennifer. And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite: Brangelina. I’ve got to admit that while I know probably everything there is to know about the Harry Potter culture, I honestly don’t follow pop culture much and know next to nothing when it comes to celebrity gossip. So, I really don’t care about the aforementioned couples. Be […]