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‘You look ridiculous. I look exquisite…’

‘You look ridiculous. I look exquisite…’

…said the guy dressed as Wario, the evil arch nemesis of Mario from the popular Nintendo series, to the girl with red construction paper dots all over her white Toadstool helmet. Advertisements

Too loyal for my own good

“We’ve got to trust each other. I trust all of you, I don’t think anyone in this room would ever sell me to Voldemort.” (said Harry) . . . Lupin was wearing an odd expression as he looked at Harry. It was close to pitying. “You think I’m a fool?” demanded Harry. “No, I think […]

My birthday celebrations (in pictures)

My birthday celebrations (in pictures)

My birthday was Wednesday (March 17, AKA St. Patrick’s Day). I turned 24 and am now officially in my mid-twenties. Here are some pictures of my extended celebrations!

I’ve got one week…

…to complete the following list. One month after I turned 23, I set 10 goals for myself for the year. Let’s see how I’ve done: Finish writing that post I’ve been mentioning for months. Never happened…not even close. Finish at least one piece of fiction I’m currently working on. Worked on them more, but didn’t finish. […]

Story of my life

I recently watched a movie about two con men brothers whose cons are planned out as stories drummed up by the elder Stephen. After some time, the younger Bloom more or less becomes burnt out and wants to go straight. In other words, he wants a life that is all his own and not something contrived from […]

You’ve got a friend in me (despite recent evidence)

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t been a very good friend lately. I could easily deny this but honestly, after hearing about what I have (and haven’t) been doing, “not very good” doesn’t cut it. The truth is I’ve been a shitty friend, but I’ve been so self-absorbed I didn’t even know. […]

Where my girls at?

One of the things I’ve missed about home is my girlfriends. I’m not great at making new friends so I’ve been kind of lacking a social life. But I am putting more effort into this and I’m happy to say that this is changing! The other night, I went to dinner with my friend Nikki, […]