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R.I.P., Donald Fisher

Yesterday, Gap founder Donald Fisher died. I actually didn’t know this until I watched Conan’s monologue tonight. I Googled it and found this article about him on NPR. Now, I obviously never knew Fisher, but I do have to say this: The four years I worked at one of his stores were some of the […]

The last time I fell into the Gap…

…I cried–not even going to lie. Not much else to say other than that I’m going to miss my Gap 1708 family. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

The Great Gap 1708 (pictures galore)!

The Great Gap 1708 (pictures galore)!

As anxious as I’ve been to get out of retail and into the world of journalism, I will have to say that I will definitely miss falling into the Gap on a regular basis and this was really drilled into my head last night when I had a going away, goodbye dinner with my Gap folk […]