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R.I.P., Donald Fisher

Yesterday, Gap founder Donald Fisher died. I actually didn’t know this until I watched Conan’s monologue tonight. I Googled it and found this article about him on NPR. Now, I obviously never knew Fisher, but I do have to say this: The four years I worked at one of his stores were some of the […]

When I was in school…

I never gave much thought–one way or another–about people who use that phrase. From my parents and their friends, to old professors and editors, to my older sister and her friends, just about everybody I’ve encountered in my life who’s older than me, at one point or another, has used that phrase, or one similar in […]

Job prospects for the graduating class of 2008

Graduation for me is just around the corner (literally…I’ve got a little over a week) and in some ways I’m ready and other ways I’m not. On the one hand, I’m more than ready to be done with school; to say that I’ve got a case of “senioritis” is an understatement. But on the other […]

Macbook Air: Are you the one for me?

So, for those of you who’ve been reading my blog semi-regularly (Hi Kathy!), you’ve probably figured out that I’ll be graduating soon and am a bit wary about entering the worderful world of journalism, especially with how difficult is becoming to find a job and whatnot. As a graduation present, my parents said that they […]