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I’m grown…when does the “up” happen?

I’m grown…when does the “up” happen?

Since before I was born, our house has been filled with kids in addition to me and my sister. My mom is the ultimate stay-at-home mom, becoming an “auntie” to just about everyone’s children within our neighborhood and circle of family friends. As the years have passed, those first kids have grown up and some […]

Highlights from my 22nd year of life

With my 23rd birthday two weeks away, I’ve decided to do a little reflection on how I spent my 22nd year of life. For the first week and a half or so, I was in Europe. On my actual 22nd, I was in London by myself. I’d just spent three months studying in Rome and had […]

Leaving the nest for the newsroom

So, I’ve been here in Idaho Falls for about a week and a half. Well technically I live in Ammon, the neighboring city, but Idaho Falls is literally the next street over and since I work in Idaho Falls and everything is there, for all intents and purposes, I’m just going to say Idaho Falls. I […]