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Help support my sister in the Boston Marathon and the Ron Burton Training Village!

Help support my sister in the Boston Marathon and the Ron Burton Training Village!

While I like to stay active with my hot yoga, Zumba and “running” on the elliptical, the one type of exercise I am really not a fan of is normal running. On the ground, pavement, treadmill, you name it, I hate it and I’ve always hated it — even (or maybe especially) when I was a gymnast. So I […]

Winning…At what cost?

It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how you play the game. From P.E. to peewee football to little league baseball, this is what we’re taught when we’re young. In addition to physical skills, some of the biggest things sports and athletics teach us are hard work, perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. Or, […]

Becoming happy with myself

My last post about Barbie, female beauty and body image got me thinking about how I feel about myself on the subject. I’m not going to go into the whole beauty part because I don’t think I could do so without sounding vain and self-centered or like I’m fishing for a compliment. When it comes to […]

Single does not equal cynical: Relationships and their effects on us, Part 1

In the recent months, I’ve had the chance to take a real good look at the concept of relationships. I’m not just talking about the romantic variety, but also platonic and familial–so basically just ships in general (reference to Harry, if you didn’t know). What I’ve really had a good look at is how the different relationships we share […]

Olympic introspection: Am I more senistive than I thought?

Just like during the Superbowl, the Olympics are an opportunity for advertisers to really take advantage of the increase in viewers and pull out all the stops when it comes to the commercials they air during key viewing times. In their Go Wolrd campaign, the folks over at Visa have capitalized on this by celebrating the human accomplishments […]

China Gold at its best: Chinese win gold in Men’s All-Around Team Final in Gymnastics

The victory of China Gold has never been sweeter that won by the Chinese Men’s Gymnastics Team. Favored to win the gold, the Chinese entered the Beijing National Indoor Stadium with, maybe not the weight of the world, but at least the weight of a nation on their shoulders to bring home the gold. If you think that […]

Perfect 10 No More: A new era of scoring in gymnastics is here

The Men’s Gymnastics Team Final is starting in about an hour and for those of you just tuning in, I’m sure you will be confused to find that the perfect 10 is no longer there. For me–somebody who grew up and trained under that system–it’s been difficult trying to figure out the new scoring guide. So, […]