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Hold on — Series that keep you reading

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly: Infiltrator By Peter Stone Amazon Digital Services, Inc., 2014 Ethan Jones and the remaining members of his ragtag team of foragers are back in the second installment of Stone’s Dystopian trilogy. The group is on their way back to Newhome, the post-apocalyptic Australian town where […]

Ghost stories — Books that will make you enjoy being scared

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly: Deadly Love By Wesley Robert Lowe Wesley Lowe Media, 2014 Five years ago, 20-year-old actress Jasmine Huang died in Beijing. She had asked her boyfriend Chris to rehearse with her for an audition for the role of a battered woman. She was convinced he needed […]

August reading recommendations

Here are my latest book recommendations for the Northwest Asian Weekly: Pioneer Girl By Bich Minh Nguyen Viking, 2014 Ever since she received the box set from her grandfather when she turned 8, Lee Lien has always loved Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” books. She uses the books – as well as […]

When love doesn’t go the way it’s supposed to

Here are my latest book recommendations for Northwest Asian Weekly: The Ballad of a Small Player By Lawrence Osborne Hogarth, 2014 Meet Doyle — or Lord Doyle, as he comes to be known among the casinos of Macau. Doyle’s not quite the English lord people believe he is. He’s actually a corrupt lawyer who embezzled […]

Weighing in: My response to Jennifer Livingston

Like many people, every now and then, I’ll see or read something I find interesting and will post it on my Facebook page. Sometimes I’ll post the article, video, etc., straight with no commentary. Other times, I’ll add a comment about how amusing or interesting I found it — usually no more than a sentence or […]

The power of journalism: My thoughts on Seattle’s loss of Kathi Goertzen

We lost a dear, dear friend today. Dan Lewis, KOMO 4 news anchor Truer words have not been said. For anyone in or from Western Washington today, our community suffered a great loss. Longtime KOMO 4 News anchor Kathi Goertzen died after a 14-year battle with brain tumors. She was 54. If you lived in the Seattle […]

Balancing objectivity with compassion

One of the first things you learn in journalism is that you want to keep your stories factual and objective and you keep your emotions out of it. This usually isn’t a problem for me but I’ll admit that I am very glad I don’t report on the City of Seattle and I am especially glad that I am […]