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Love lessons learned

Love lessons learned

About a week and a half ago: My editor: “What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?” Me (warily, thinking I’ve got to cover some sort of V-Day event): “Why?” Editor: “No big date?” Me (snorting): “No.” Editor:  “Okay, well I may need you to cover the City Council meeting.: Me (relieved): “Oh, okay.” Now, obviously […]

It’s just a given

The following scene took place this morning in our living room: Sister (to me): “Okay, bye.” Me: “Bye.” Little wave. Sister (to Ma): “Bye.” Hugs Ma (mid-hug): “Bye.” Opens arms and waves me into the hug. Me: “Nah, that’s okay.” Ma (sternly with that I’m-your-mother-so-do-what-I-say voice): “Come on.” Me (sighing, resigned): “Fine.” Hugs Sister and […]

Is heartbreak a two-way street?

Dating is not easy. Relationships can become complicated. And break ups can get messy. I know this both from firsthand experience as well as secondhand experience through my sister and friends. Now, it’s no secret that I’ve been single for quite awhile (nearly four years), so I can’t say my point of view on love […]

Love will keep them together

In today’s edition of The Post Register, I read a story about a married couple who can’t be together because they’re from two different countries (he, the United States, she, Canada) and neither can cross over to the other side. Instead, they meet at Peace Arch Park, where Washington state and Canada meet (the picture […]

Too scared to date?

One of my biggest fears in life is becoming a hypocrite. When it comes to dating, relationships and all things romantic, I tend to have some very strong opinions about things. After my–admittedly, limited–experiences in the dating game (not to mention my obsession with romance novels), I know how I want a guy to treat […]

New discoveries and murky reflections on an old self

As I was doing my daily blog perusal today, I stopped by Awkward is Awesome, a site I visit on a regular basis because I know one of the creators (Erin Hicks) and well, it’s awesome. One post mentioned and linked to a blog called the heartbroke daily. It centers around a guy named Knox Dupree who […]

Isn’t love grand?

I know I’ve been writing a lot about romance and love but I figured that this was the month to do it. So, in honor of tomorrow, I decided to dedicate another post to the topic. I’m not going to say much but I think this video by the Plain White T’s says it all: […]