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A conversation with my dad

A conversation with my dad

My dad and I went to the Mariners game today. Now, we’re both the type of people who pretty much focus on the game and don’t really talk much while watching. But we do like to discuss the game. Here’s a conversation he and I had when designated hitter, Ken Griffey Jr. had a base […]

My travels at home continued

I’ve been home more than a week and I still haven’t written about the rest of my trip home. So, here’s a brief recap: Friday May 22 I did some downtown shopping with my sister (including Barnes and Noble) and then we went to the Mariners game against the San Francisco Giants. We met up […]

More on the state of journalism

As you may know, I’ve been looking at the state of journalism since I began this blog. Mainly because as a journalist, it affects me almost directly. Well, in my last post, I discussed the idea of a bailout for journalists. I’ll admit that it’s not perfect and it has its fair share of flaws […]

A stepping stone to new hope: Minority Report Part 4 (Sports Edition)

Just as Harry is Dumbledore‘s man through and through, I’m a Seattle girl, through and through. I proudly don my University of Washington sweatshirt as I venture out into the rain–sans umbrella–with my Starbucks cup in my hand (which I would later recycle, if I ever find a recycling bin here). UW, rain and Starbucks. Those, […]

Mariners baseball is in an upheaval

On top of the fact that the Sonics may be leaving Seattle, Mariners are now getting the axe left and right to the point where even the players must be questioning what uniform they’ll be wearing next week. What’s next? Matt Hasselbeck gets traded? Good lord, let’s hope not. Who knows how that will affect the […]