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Unanswered question(s)

What makes a woman stay? What makes a woman stay in a relationship she knows–at least on some level–is going nowhere? Or if it is going anywhere, it’s downhill? We’ve all seen it. In our family, with our girlfriends and acquaintances, even in books and on the big and small screen. In Cadillac Records, Gabrielle […]

It’s all about proximity

Four’s not necessarily a bad number. It’s just a matter of how close together they are or if they overlap. -Me

The Second V-Card

Here’s a guest post from my friend Wynn over at (Wynn)Squared. I wrote a guest post for her blog last week and so she returned the favor. I told her to pick any topic she wanted and this is what she chose. Enjoy: When I talk about v-cards, I don’t mean the typical Valentine’s Day […]