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The impact of technology on our lives through song and spoken word

This quarter has been all about how technology is taking over traditional newsrooms and extending it out into the general public. I got a little curious about how technology is affecting people in other places besides the newsroom. So, being the typical college student, I went on YouTube to see what I could find. Advertisements

Seeing shouldn’t always lead to believing

Whenever we pick up a newspaper and flip to the news section, we expect what we read to be fact. And with good reason, obviously. News is supposed to be based oncurrent events going on, both locally and nationally. Sometimes there will be mention of things going on internationally, but mainly the news in this […]

Blogging because lives depend on it

In the past few weeks, I’ve been reading and learing about how blogs have become essential in breaking news stories and in political candidates’ campaigns, but I never really considered the real effect blogs could have until I read “NOLA.com blogs and forums help save lives after Katrina” on ojr.org.