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Conan vs. Da Peng

This is one of the reasons I love Conan O’Brien and team. They aren’t afraid to be silly or make fools of themselves but they also aren’t afraid to call people out for whatever reason. This back-and-forth exchange between the two comedians reminded me of a feud Conan had with another public figure and it makes […]

My latest obsession

In my latest bout of YouTubing, I came across this: Ghostwriter was one of my favorite shows in elementary school. This was back when my cousins still lived with us. They were the ones who introduced the show to us. We were soooo into it. We even had the pens on a string and did […]

Fictional love is still love

TomKat. Bennifer. And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite: Brangelina. I’ve got to admit that while I know probably everything there is to know about the Harry Potter culture, I honestly don’t follow pop culture much and know next to nothing when it comes to celebrity gossip. So, I really don’t care about the aforementioned couples. Be […]