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A little bit of work, a bit of play and a whole lot of travel: Days 3 and 3.5 of my trip to UNITY in Chicago

I am absolutely determined to finish my Chicago recaps today. That way, I’ll be able to start blogging about other stuff like the Olympics, because according to my stats, that seems to be what most people read here anyway. So here goes the last day and a half of my Chicagoan adventure. Day 3, Saturday July 26, […]

Big names, small world: Day 2 of my trip to UNITY in Chicago

I’ve decided that I’ve got issues and those of you who read me on a somewhat regular basis (hi Wynn!), probably agree. It is taking way too long to finish with my recaps of Chicago. So, I’m going to go over the last two and a half days of my trip in not-too-much detail. At […]

Journalism Immersion: Day 1 of my trip to UNITY in Chicago

Day 1, Thursday July 24, 2008 Today was my first convention day. I started out going to a plenary session about increasing diversity in both the newsroom and media. Panel members were: Felix Gutierrez, Professor of Journalism and Communication at the USC Annenberg School for Communication; Dori Maynard, President of the Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism Education; Mark Trahant, Editorial Page Editor of […]

From Emerald City to Windy City: Day 0.5 of my trip to UNITY in Chicago

Okay, so I know I said that I would try to blog about the UNITY convention while I was there, but there were only so many places where I could get free wireless–the lobby of my hotel being one of them. However, by the time I had the time to actually make use of the Internet, […]

I’m off to Chicago!

Okay, well I’m off to Chicago for the Unity ’08 Convention! I’ll try to post updates, but I guess it’ll depend on how often I find wi-fi. If not that often, I’ll catch y’all when I get back!

I’m graduated! Now what?

So last week my career as a college student at the University of Washington came to a bittersweet end as I graduated (Thursday, Department of Communication; Saturday, UW). Starting out as a freshman back in 2004 (good lord, has it really been four years?!), I didn’t really know where I was going or what I would be doing. […]