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Chipping Away at the Old Block (Part II)

Continued post from yesterday. The image of her working behind the counter of a public library or being the owner of a used bookstore wasn’t difficult for her to imagine. She’d always found comfort in being surrounded by the written word—ever since the days back in grade school when her parents tried to make her […]

Chipping Away at the Old Block (Part I)

Note: I wrote this more than a year ago for a class but still pretty applicable in some ways. She stared at the computer screen. The light tap, tap, tap of the keyboard filled the room as she watched the cursor fly across the opened Microsoft Word document. Unfortunately, it flew in the wrong direction—to […]


Tick…tock…tick…tock… That’s all I can hear, echoing inside my head. because the screen is no longer blank. A gong to the temple I call my brain, with nothing to drown it out. Moore, Rowling and Jones surround me— their spines stiff and lined up like young troops. A blanket of dust collected from neglect slowly […]